IBM @ the Masters Golf Tournament, 2022 & 2023

  • Nuxt
  • IBM APIs
  • Websockets
  • A massive LED screen in the IBM suite at the Masters Tournament which displays the web app presentation
  • IBM Masters Digital Experience - 2022 Course Overview Page
  • IBM Masters Digital Showcase - 2022 Hole Overview
  • IBM Masters Digital Showcase - Player Insights Screen
  • IBM Digital Experience Showcase - Course Overview
  • IBM Digital Experience Showcase - Player Insights
  • IBM Digital Experience Showcase - Hole Insights

In 2022 and 2023, I worked on interactive digital presentations for IBM that were screened on an immersive LED wall spanning 7 feet tall and 21 feet wide at the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia.

As the official technology partner of the Masters Tournament, IBM analyzes vast amounts of data throughout the tournament, such as player statistics, historical data, and real-time scoring. Our team was tasked with developing the front end of an interactive “tech talk” that allowed VIPs to engage with deep data-driven insights and AI-driven predictions to showcase IBM’s work. The presentation involved two UIs: 1) the primary presentation shown on the LED wall, and 2) a “controller” UI running in-browser on an iphone that allowed a docent to control the presentation via websockets (chapter navigation, audio, etc…).

My responsibilities as one of two developers on the agency side:

  • Worked directly and very closely with IBM’s Sports CTO to support in building their endpoints to ensure we got all data needed.
  • Drew up schema to define the needed request responses
  • QA’d the JSON responses regularly to find any missing data or kinks in the behaviors of the provided endpoints
  • Integrated all data into the Nuxt app and passed it to both the slideshow screen and the controller
  • Built out the HTML/CSS/Javascript needed to display the data on for the primary presentation screen.

These presentations wowed the execs at IBM. They're something I'm really proud of. Never thought I would know so much about golf!