Lincoln Center + New York Philharmonic

  • Nuxt
  • Django
  • One of several interactive kiosk's where people can interact with the web app
  • Main directory of the web app experience
  • A composer detail page

Collaborating with AV&C, an experiential agency that creates digital landmarks in physical spaces, I helped develop a web app for a series of interactive touch screen kiosks housed in David Geffen Hall in Lincoln Center.

I was one of two developers tasked with building out the Nuxt front-end that allows visitors to the New York Philharmonic to engage with touchscreens to explore stories of musicians, composers, and pivotal moments from the institution's rich history.

Some of my responsibilities were:

  • Crafting components with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript within Nuxt
  • Writing pixel-perfect CSS
  • Passing data from the Django REST API to the front end Nuxt components
  • Working with the AV&C's head developer to develop the CMS in a way that met the data needs of the project
  • Leveraging scroll-based computations to implement elegant animations/behavior
  • Listening for touch events to accommodate the touchscreen-based interactions

These kiosk experiences are set to be running for the next 15 years! As a musician and a fan of Lincoln Center and its programming, being a part of a project for such a renowned cultural institution was truly an honor.